Living Hope Lutheran Church-ELCA
Sunday, June 16, 2019


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 The Simply Giving® Program, endorsed by Thrivent Federal Credit
 Union, helps nonprofit organizations like Living Hope reap the cost-
 saving benefits of using automatic  payments through electronic funds
 transfer (EFT) providing reliable, timely revenue throughout the
 Steady and uninterrupted donations mean: 
      -Financial Stability – Dollars we can count on steadily throughout 
      the year especially during normally slow giving times such as 
     -Reduced Administrative Costs – Funds are deposited directly 
     into Living Hope's account. 
     -Reduced Mistakes Due to Ineligible Checks – Accurate deposit amounts 
    -Security for the Donor – No more lost or misplaced checks. 


Scrip is Fundraising for Living Hope 

While You Shop! 


Scrip cards are gift cards for the stores that you shop at. Don’t use cash or credit to  pay for your regular household purchases; use scrip gift cards. Raise money for your  church by shopping with gift cards for everyday purchases like food, clothing and  entertainment. Each scrip gift card you buy earns a rebate for LH. 

Scrip/gift cards that are on hand at Living Hope: 


 BP Gas

Dairy Queen


 Home Depot


 Kwik Trip

 Marcus Theatres


 Office Max

 Panera Bread

 Papa Murphys Pizza

 Pick ‘n Save/Roundys

 Piggly Wiggly

 Pizza Hut 








 Walmart/Sam’s Club

 But there are hundreds of other scrip/gift cards available that we don’t stock at  Living Hope. Check out the complete Retailer List on the GLSC web page for  other  cards that we can special order for your use.


Sign up to order Scrip online from Living Hope:

 Use this number to have your order included in the Living Hope account:


Each Sunday scrip cards are available for purchase before and after the service at the  welcome table by the front door.  A scrip volunteer is normally at the table, so  ask them  the questions you have about this program which benefits Living Hope!

Now we offer another easy way to support Living Hope Lutheran Church--it's called Impact Shopping!  It is our own online shopping mall that provides cash back to the church from all purchases.  Every purchase earns a commission, so you earn money for Living Hope from purchases you were already going to make.  It's as easy as visiting our Impact Shopping website!
Contact Shannon Stoker at the church office 
( with any questions