Living Hope Lutheran Church-ELCA
Monday, September 24, 2018


The Living Hope 

“Children & Family Ministry Team” 

Chrissy Curran - Children's Ministry Coordinator 


OUR PURPOSE: To deepen, strengthen and widen

the impact of Living Hope’s mission to children &

their families


OUR VISION (What this approach looks like):

       -Every “member-disciple” of the team is a

         missionary to children & their families

       -The pastor is the mission director

       -The congregation is the mission field


OUR DESTINATION:  A strong programmatic/

relational approach to involving children & their

families at LH leads them to build healthy

relationships and grow in their faith



1)           Embrace and model the 9 Marks both as our

       leadership team’s foundational identity, and

       as a spiritual map for “making disciples” of

       our children 


2)         Equip our team by creating and following a

       detailed 3-5 year programmatic/spiritual

       growth strategy for children and family



3)         Go and make disciples of children and