Living Hope Lutheran Church-ELCA
Monday, September 24, 2018







We involve all generations in experiencing the presence of God through word, sacrament and music, by embracing traditional and innovative forms of worship that both inspire and bring meaning to our faith journey.


Council liaison – Pastor Michael





The Living Hope “WORSHIP” Team


-2013 mission path going forward-


OUR PURPOSE: To deepen, strengthen and widen

the impact of worshipping God at LH


OUR VISION (What this approach looks like):

       -Every “member-disciple” of the team is a

         missionary for “Worship”

       -The pastor is the mission director for


       -The congregation is the mission field for



OUR DESTINATION: The spiritual life of LH is

deepened by the ENTIRE community engaging in

regular, authentic, God-centered worship



1)           Embrace and model the 9 Marks both as our

       leadership team’s foundational identity, and

       as a spiritual map for “making disciples”


2)         Equip our team by creating and following a

       detailed 3-5 year programmatic/spiritual

       growth strategy focused on “Worship”


3)         Go and make disciples "Worship"